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Where else, but England?

(Victoria Wood)
So I was sat there crying me eyes out when Fairy Godmother says Give over Kelly Marie you shall go t' t'ball, so I says Ow so she says, ring 061 832 9191, put a Classified Ad in Manchester Evening News and you could turn everything in this broom cupboard into cash by Sat'day. So I did.
Pal:You didn't.
Kelly:I did, and after t'ball I were stuck wi'this glass slipper so I advertised that same way, and first fella that rang says So you're the one that leaves yer shoes all over t'place will you marry me?
Pal:He didn't.
Kelly:He did. So I says Gerraway who d'you think I am, Cinderella?
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Julia Deakin is a member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders.