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Hang about Vicar, let me interrupt.
Having been full of life you say, I'd want a party.
Yes, but I'm full of death now and see things differently.
You say I wouldn't have wanted folk to grieve for long.
No - but with infinite death ahead of me,
a few months being alive and fed up
doesn't seem much to ask of my friends.

OK, some of you wear the bright clothes I admired -
but you lot with less taste, give us a break
and wear dark colours please.
No flowers? Donations only? Hold your horses.
I could never have picked one charity
and loved buying and looking at flowers. I'd like to give
my mourners that opportunity.

True I liked food, and would like to see most of you
tucking in. But I'd also like to do some good -
and some of you who could do to lose a pound or two
should surely be too upset to eat.
Smile by all means, remember my gaffes
and share a careful laugh -

but then it's my funeral, fuck it -
some of you ought to go home and WEEP BUCKETS.

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