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How not to do Uni:

Reviewed in York Mix

Have a smooch or a cynical snarl with us on this Valentines Day Special Side Salad. Three poets (Julia Deakin, Matthew Stoppard, and Greg White), all experienced in the lore of both love and lyric, present poetry on the theme.

Editors, encouragers and entrepreneurs extraordinaire. In poetry, THE business.

North west libraries are hugely supportive of poets and writers generally, and give them space:

Jim Bennett's monthly guide to UK poetry news and events is invaluable.

A round-up of poetry competitions - there could be one here for you.

Why don't all magazines select anonymously? This one, to its credit, does.

All kinds of intelligent literary sounds. Great music too.

44 years old as a group and still writing, touring, publishing... The Rolling Stones of Yorkshire poets?

Say hello to over 260 poets. The p f stands for people's front.

Not all poets love performing, but these do.

Walk, ride or drive? This site gives you door-to-door alternatives.

Quirky, humane, perceptive - what the best blogs are about. Besides, how can I not have a link to this particular page?

This one's an inspiration, too.

My poetry publisher.