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teflon tracksuit
beefed-up briefcase
beard like Shakespeare
mumbling motherboards
is running upstairs
aluminium toolbox
bashing spindles
like a xylophone

is finding best route
automatically to attic
switching cables
under tables toolkit
grinning on the floor
picks tiny screwdriver
from bonsai spanners
dental probes and chewing gum

whisks back off tower
fillets green and silver innards
SCSI cards and fuzzy logic tea
no sugar teflon buttocks
on my only office chair
fetch bentwood bedroom one
place little way behind
perch carefully

now strain to follow
morse imperatives
as monitor jumps to attention
lights up two-faced
hidden depths runs de-frag
Norton anti-virus bingo
boots up backs up
spins down packs up

40 an hour
Hello, yes come in
thank you
just a splash

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