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agency-trained copywriter - freelance 16 years - extensive experience in business and education - plain English specialist - reasonable rates



A long track record of writing across a range of contexts, from through-the-line advertising to academic reviews. Favourites are poetry and social history - but I'm practical, too, and have nailed everything from industrial microwaving to how to wear a bustle.


Recent projects include three years sub-editing the house magazine for a large government organisation. Bridging the gap between what staff want to know and what managers want to say can be tricky, but is the kind of challenge I love.


Unlike some writers, I like being with people. Engaging them, making them smile, making the complex simple, thinking on my feet. Put me in front of a packed room with or without a mouse and I'm in my element.

client liaison

For people, above, read clients. I can hack it in meetings and don't mind wearing a suit.


I'm sharp-eyed enough to read regularly for an agency whose name depends on it. But I'm not perfect - so if you spot any slips here, let me know.

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Julia Deakin is a member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders.