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To be or not to be

To give a little bit to every cause that sends a begging letter
or just some? Which ones then and how much?
Or put cash in collection boxes and risk looking smug
or just keep clearing cupboards and donating junk?
But is that really a donation if it's stuff that you don't want?

To hang the washing out with those clouds over there
and have to keep an eye on it or stick it in the dryer
and return those library books? But could that be dangerous?
I mean you hear of people coming home to find the house on fire
and even if it wasn't would the shirts all be too creased?
REDUCED IRON. What is that supposed to mean?

To tax the car for six months or a year or sell the thing
before it rusts to bits and we get stung for hundreds more
to get it through its MOT - and go by bus and just be done with it?
But if it didn't come and I was late for work?
Not that I'd need the extra money probably without the car
but aren't there other reasons why I work? And drive?

To book a decent holiday or stay here, save ourselves the stress
and creosote the shed before it falls apart - and weed the lawn?
Dig out the biggest dandelions and watch them all come back
or blitz the lot with Weed n' Feed and have to put up
with those brown patches instead? Scorched earth, that is - as bad as Vietnam.
But not on the same scale. Or is it, when you add up all the lawns?

To face the fact that I'm not getting any younger, give up colouring my hair
(the scalp absorbs those chemicals, I read somewhere) and let it all go grey?
How long would that take and who would be most affected, me or others?
How much money would I save? Can't work it out. Because the chemicals
have killed too many brain cells already? Or was that all the beer in my 20s?

To cook a proper meal tonight or have baked beans and does that go with wine?
Then red or white?

To watch the news and let it get to me or be a philistine, go straight to bed
and get an early night?

Tea or coffee? Cup or Gary Larson mug?

That is the question.

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