Bradfordafter Jamie McKendrick Bradford the milly, the chilly, the everywhere hilly, the Yorkshire, the canny, the Rajasthani,The Polish, the Irish, the Romany, the homeless, the homesick, the Manningham native,the dislocated and the keypad-gated. Bradford the hyped, the skyped, the lifetime saved-for,the quixotic, the Quaker, the fortune-maker.The fresh start, the loan shark, the business start-up, the kohl-eyed, the streetwise, theContinue reading “Bradford”


Seen from the moon, the earth is jewel-bright:a swirl of blues and yellows, greens and whites.Surveying space in search of life, you’d knowimmediately – it looks alive. You’d slowyour engines to a whisper and just stare.Whole oceans shine: they really are azure;the forests emerald; the deserts gold.Even the clouds cling like wisps of packagingaround someContinue reading “Syzygy”

Small dreams of a doormat

I shall do such thingsā€¦ what they are yet I know not– King Lear Go on then – don’t make eye contactjust walk all over me, I know my placeamong the lowest of the low, pushed into doorwaysunder everything and everyone;you’d put me right out if you could, except – I have my uses.Wipe yourselfContinue reading “Small dreams of a doormat”